Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM)
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Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM) facilitates centralized management of Sharp MFPs and printers as well as 3rd party SNMP-compliant printers and MFPs. Sharp’s SRDM is the ideal tool for both IT Administrators and Service Providers to properly manage and monitor their MFP fleets.

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For IT Administrators

SRDM assists IT administrators who need to remotely manage and configure Sharp devices on their networks. In addition to being able to monitor a device’s status, SRDM obtains valuable information such as paper tray details, toner levels, copy/print/fax output counts, and scan/fax counts. SRDM allows IT administrators to expedite troubleshooting and centrally monitor and manage an organization’s MFPs and printers from the SRDM web console. In addition, SRDM provides greater control in network security and energy consumption to help ensure corporate resources are protected.

Key Features

  • Manual or automated device discovery
  • Remote status and consumables monitoring
  • Remote security, network, and system configuration
  • On-demand and scheduled power management to minimize energy consumption
  • Network security policy management to implement effective security measures
  • Remote front panel access for quick user assistance
  • Device cloning for fast device set up
  • E-mail notifications to keep IT administrators aware of critical issues
  • Firmware updates to minimize deployment time
  • Remote service delivery for optimized device uptime