Sharpdesk® Mobile FAQs
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Sharpdesk® Mobile FAQs

General Issues

Sharp MFPs are multifunction printers capable of printing, faxing, copying, and scanning documents. Although typically found in office environments, Sharp offers a line of smaller and less expensive MFPs tailored for the home office or small business environments. And, given the cost of supplies for an MFP versus ink-jet printers, a Sharp MFP can be a more economical solution, even for a smaller home office.
Most Sharp MFPs and Printers are supported. For a For a full list of supported MFPs, please contact us.

On the front panel of a Sharp MFP, press the ‘System Settings’ button, then select the ‘List Print’ option. From the List Print option, select ‘Printer Test Page’ and then print the ‘NIC Page’. The MFP’s IP Address will be printed on this page.

Sharpdesk Mobile requires iOS version 4.3 or higher to work. Please update the iOS version on your iPhone/iPad and try again.

  1. Thumbnail is only created if there is enough free memory (RAM). The default thumbnail image is displayed when there’s not enough free memory.
  2. For PDF files, thumbnail is not created if the file size per page exceeds 1.2MB.

Generally, rescanning the document with lower resolution or higher compression ratio may enable Sharpdesk Mobile to create the thumbnail.

Thumbnail images not created for PDF files may appear corrupt. However you can still print, attach to email or send to another app.
  1. Preview is only available if there is enough free memory (RAM). Terminating other apps not in use may enable preview.
  2. Preview is not available for files that exceed 1.2MB.

You can still perform other functions including print, attach to e-mail, or send to another app.

This may occur in iOS 4.3. Updating to iOS 5.0 may resolve the issue.

Print, attach to e-mail, or send to another app, are not affected.

Print Issues

  1. If using MX-2310U or MX-3111U, make sure that the Printer Expansion Kit (MX-PB14) is installed.
  2. Make sure user authentication is disabled on the printer.
Please check if Postscript3® Expansion Kit (MX-PK11) is installed in.

If you print a file from another application, open the file in that application and send it to Sharpdesk Mobile. The file is then saved in Sharpdesk Mobile.

Sharpdesk Mobile doesn’t support image rotation.

If you cannot pinch-in or pinch-out the image, it may already be magnified or shrunk to the limit. If you cannot scroll, the image/file may already be magnified or shrunk so as to fit the screen.

Letter is printed if the “Default Paper Size” in [System Settings]-[Printer Condition Settings] on the MFP is set to “Letter” and the “Fit to Page” checkbox is checked. Uncheck “Fit to Page.” If you are printing a JPEG, the file may be printed as Letter size even if the checkbox is unchecked since the printer was not able to detect the size. In this case, set the “Default Paper Size” to the size you wish to print.

Scan Issues

Printers/scanners must be on to the same network segment as the iPhone/iPad. If they are connected to different segments of the network, try adding a printer/scanner manually by selecting “Add Manually” and enter the IP address of the printer/scanner.

  1. Make sure that HTTP and FTP are enabled on the network segments to which the iPhone/iPad and the printer/scanner are connected. Authentication or proxy setting may be required on the network.
  2. Make sure that the port number configured on the printer/scanner is the same as the one entered in “Add Manually” on the iPhone/iPad.

You can check the printer/scanner port number by following the steps below:
From a web browser go to the printer/scanner’s web page
Select [Application Settings]
Select [Setting for Print from the PC].

  1. Make sure that HTTP and FTP are enabled on the network segments to which the iPhone/iPad and the printer/scanner are connected. Authentication or proxy setting may be required on the network.
  2. From the MFP, select “Home” and try again.
This may occur if the address book is displayed on the MFP after the scan job starts. iPhone/iPad profile stored on the MFP can be deleted through the MFP’s home page.
From Sharpdesk Mobile’s main menu, select “Setting”, then Select “Set up User Information.” Make sure “Profile Automatic Delete” is set to “OFF.”

Only saved files are shown. Select “Save” after receiving a scanned file to save to Sharpdesk Mobile.

If file format is set to TIFF when scanning, only the first page can be previewed. The images themselves are stored correctly.

E-mail Issues

Due to the E-mail app’s specification, it may show incorrect aspect ratio for the source image for some images that has specific aspect ratio. The attached image will be sent with the correct aspect ratio.

Sharpdesk Mobile only support JPEG, TIFF and PDF. The applications listed in “Send to
Application” are those to which Sharpdesk Mobile can send these file formats.